The Rogues Gallery

26 April - 6 June 2022

In 1855, Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, established a compilation of names, descriptions and whereabouts of criminals known as the Rogues Gallery.  This exhibition features a collection of idiosyncratic portraits done by artists who's self expression could be viewed by contemporary society as subversive.


Featured Artists: Philip Akkerman, Amalia Angulo, Lauriston Avery, Dietmar Busse, Aaron Robert Baker, Beni Bischof, BIJIJOO, Brian Chippendale, Christian Clayton, Christopher Davison, Luca de Angelis, Joakim Drescher, Austin English, James Esber, Jacob Freeman, Brian Robert Gassaway, David Joel Kitcher, Ralf Kokke, Jeff Ladouceur, Nicolas Le Bault, Matt Leines, Raymond Lemstra, mepaintsme, Mingering Mike, Junwoo Park, Robert Pokorny, C.J. Pyle, Destiny Santana,  Kristen Schiele, Christian Schumann, Julia Soboleva, Fred Stonehouse, Michael Swaney,  Takeshi Tadatsu, Dominic Terlizzi, Peter Williams