• Effective: January 18, 2022

    Mepaintsme, LLC ("we" or "us") operates this website and provides this return policy ("Return Policy") for your use. All sales are final at point of sale with exceptions only for lost or damaged orders. If your Artwork does not arrive or arrives damaged, we will work with you to find the best resolution, including possible refund of your payment. Due to the unique nature of the Artwork, in some instances, a partial refund, restoration, or exchange may be the best resolution. 


    If there is any visible damage to the outside of a package, do not open it, and notify us at immediately at



    1. Report the issue to within 48 hours of receipt (for damaged Artwork) and within 48 hours of the latest expected delivery date (for lost Artwork).
    2. Provide any requested photographic evidence and/or written description of the issue (including the Artwork and the original packaging).
    3. If requested, return the damaged Artwork to mepaintsme using the original packaging and pre-paid shipping label provided to you. 



    We will use reasonable efforts to promptly review your claim, and work with you to find an acceptable resolution, which may include a full refund, partial refund, restoration, or exchange. Due to the unique nature of the Artwork, we cannot offer you a replacement of any Artwork.


    Examples of what's covered:

    • A work arrives with damage that wasn't described or photographed in the listing;
    • A work is declared lost or damaged in shipment by the shipping company.


    Examples of what's not covered:

    • Artwork appears slightly different in person than as viewed online;
    • Details that are artistic or incidental to the making of the work, but may not be evident in artwork images (e.g., visible brushstrokes);
    • Slight differences in dimensions;
    • The shipping company is delayed.



    If you have requested a full refund for lost or damaged Artwork, we will process your refund after we receive the returned Artwork, with respect to damaged Artwork, and, with respect to lost Artwork, following our confirmation notice to you that we have accepted your claim. Please allow 7-10 business days for us to process your return. 



    If you have chosen to retain the damaged Artwork and requested a partial refund, we will process your refund 7-10 business days following our confirmation notice to you that we have accepted your claim.



    If mepaintsme reviews your claim and determines Artwork restoration is a viable resolution, you may elect to have your Artwork restored. You will be responsible for shipping the Artwork using the prepaid shipping label we provide to you, and for packing the Artwork using mepaintsme's shipping guidelines. Due to the bespoke nature of this service, restoration time and results may vary. 



    If mepaintsme reviews your claim and determines an Artwork exchange is a viable resolution, you may elect to exchange your Artwork for another Artwork of equal value by the same Artist. Artworks available for exchange will be determined by Artwork inventory at the time of the exchange and at the sole discretion of mepaintsme.



    If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: